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11 Ocak 2013 Cuma

Introducing Tokat Province 12

Tokat, Central Black Sea region in the inner part of the historical, cultural and natural beauties of a rare grove with Cracked Up to the present day town of Anatolia.
North of Samsun, Ordu Northeast, South and South-east of Sivas, Yozgat southwest, west of Amasya, which is surrounded by the territory of our province, the advantage of being founded on Yesilirmak fertile valley, an important settlement throughout history has shown the distinction of being ...

Introducing Tokat Province 11

Resadiye district in the village of the same name referred to the lake has a natural beauty.
Gıj gıj Hill: A portion of all the majesty of Tokat gıj gıj surrounding hills, especially in hot weather to cool off Tokatlıların Outcomes, pine scent spread Buram Buram, Tokat, watching the air of a plane that almost a picnic place of extraordinary beauty.
Gümenek: on the settlement date Komana Pontika alır.Tokat a 10 km. Mesafededir.Tozanlı tea refreshing picnic under grand old trees surrounding the age-old pleasure of making the first knockout Tokatlıların bambaşkadır.Özellikle weekends.
Municipal Martyrs' Park: the city center, the municipality organized around the martyrs Tozanlı creek park, especially during evening hours Tokalıların samovar tea drinking is a beautiful place to enjoy living.
Also: Topcam Tekmezar, Batmantaş Plateau, The Plateau, Gözova Weir, Gökçeyol Pond, Almus Forest homes, Almus Municipal Park, Catak Plateau, Plateau Niksar Çamiçi, Ayvaz Park, Erbaa sinkhole lake, Reşadiye Zinav Lake, Wolf Lake, Selemen Plateau, Zile Sheikh Ahmed, attire Brook, Highland Başçıftlık Duden, Sulusaray-Spas, Artogne Alçakgedik, the dam of our region is one of the places of recreation.

Introducing Tokat Province 10

Tokat, the Black Sea to the mountains on the drop-down accommodation services to people with type Çamiçi highland highland festival here düzenlenmektedir.Çamiçi vermektedir.Her year Niksar Çamiçi Municipality Ministry of Tourism in Plateau, as well as investment property is certified by a qualified service offers apartment accommodation and restaurants in summer and winter.
District Reşadiye Yolüstü (Meğedün) tatlıdır.Göl waters of a creek and a small village 3 Km uzaklıktadır.Gölün waters beslenir.Ortalama sahiptir.Gideğeninden 1.5 km2 (Gölyalağından) vacated the waters, marshy places ulaşır.Kenarında yoktur.Ortalama Kelkit River, depth 10 -15 m. Alanıdır.Gölde Civarındadır.Etrafı forest were being called with a delicious fresh water fish species living in roach.
Full Cracked Goose Lake, which is covered with reeds near the coast to watch the evening sun go down enough, even increases. Magpie, akleylek, shelduck, pied herons, akkuyrukkara birds, waving, blackbirds, little grebe bird hosts the Goose Lake instruments such as the dozens of types of primitive raft navigation to experience the excitement of doing a completely different zevktir.Orman Goose Lake Wildlife Preserve as distinguished by the Ministry banned the hunting of birds has increased the types.

Introducing Tokat Province 9

History, culture and natural wealth in yaylamızdır.1514 Caldiran expedition reached the highest level in one of the Sultan Selim, with the army and the Friday prayer at the village konaklamış kılmıştır.O this plateau to the present day, from spring until the first snow falls every Friday Selemen ' barter exchange in the market are still in the highland kurulmaktadır.Kurulan market of the region's cultural richness shows.
City center 28 km and a height of 1850 meters and lush pine forests and pristine mountain air is frequently Batmantaş Plateau and expects to serve ice cold water with a high plateau tourism.
Uzaklıktadır.Çevrenin 29 km from the center of the largest plateau in Tokat province. (1740 meters). Grass skiing suitable large rural area, surrounded by forests of pine and beech trees, with superb views of.
70 km from the city center. and 2578-meter-high plateau, away from the smoky image of colorful spring flowers, the joy of human life, especially around the times arttırmaktadır.Dumanlı Catak Plateau Plateau, including the chain has more than 40 plateau.

Introducing Tokat Province 8

It is possible to see all the other plants and trees, citrus fruit, except in Tokat. Kozlu Erbaa district, around Osmanköy Meydandüzü and wild tea, Castle village near the forest Kazalapa Reşadiye civarıda Çatalan forests of Lebanon cedar and Erbaa Doğanyurt içeriside series (Vital) and Niksar Kümbetli (Herkümbet) and the remaining areas of wild olive trees in the center and at the same time, this dolaylarda pomegranates and figs grow in a natural way.
HIGHLAND Topçam and 1600-meter-high plateau is the center of the province of Tokat Topcam an extraordinary beauty with clean air, lush forests, highland homes sahiptir.Yazın guests warm hospitality of the people are satisfied.

Introducing Tokat Province 7

Gateway between the area of ​​the province of Tokat in Central Anatolia and the Black Sea coast is the case, in various localities in the region see the different climate types.
Kelkit valley is hot and winters are mild and summers, the climate of Resadiye south of the Mediterranean region are reminiscent of a climate. Tozanlı valley warm winters, cool summers passed, the pull-in section, highland character, harsh winters, cool summers.
Western provinces, the rains come and the winds. Rain falls mostly in spring. During the summer, the afternoons in the north, the sea breeze winds, the winter cold winds blow from the east.

Forest regions of the country, is one of Tokat. Almost all the forested mountains of the north and south into the territory of the province. Width of the region's forests is the sixth in the provinces.

Introducing Tokat Province 6

Tokat province and territory Yesilirmak WATERING arms.
TOZANLI ARM: Köse Dag 2801 m. is situated at the western versanlarından. Karacan passing through the valleys between the mountains and Monopoly, 365 km from taking many side creeks. Almus Dam Lake of the income. Then, between the mountains 12 km from Renegade and Mammon. enters through the throat of Omala plain. Here Kazova'ya opens. Turhal'a Gümenek regulator takes many side-streams. (Such as Behzat creek.) Kazova'dan Turhal then enters the plains. Here is Gülüt and Hotan side creeks. After Turhal plains about 30 km. meters into a gorge. Plain of the province of Amasya Gendingen combines with the pull-lever. Length of 468 km. dir.
KELKİT ARM: Sipikör north of Erzincan, Pulur,

Otlukbelı, Sarhan and Balaban born in the mountains, small streams, is caused by the merger of the Kelkit around town. Tokat Yusuf Bey enters the bridge. Fatlı bridge northwest direction until the flow in a narrow valley, enters the plain of Niksar. Northwest continue to flow in accordance with, the plain north of the castle in her throat that traveled Erbaa valley, south of the village of Castle Yeşilırmakla join. Length of 373 kilometers through the straits of Samsun Province. dir.
Tow-ARM: born in the mountains of Camlibel Kizik, Dinar, shrub and Poplar Camlibel endless hills, brooks, born circa Finize is caused by the merger. Artova'da flows southwest direction. From the south, takes his arm around Musaköy Karadere. Sulusaray'dan from the steep slopes, a narrow strait in and, around here Gergümez, Gündelen, streams and combines with Akdagmadeni. Inflammation go north of the village, in front of Çellokışla River merges with Jesus, and then to the dam site Kaleboğazı Kazankaya income instead of the dam. Here the valley widens and opens Geldigen plain. Combines with the Cat Creek bridge around Bekdemir Çorum. Kayabasi Amasya area, reaching the Black Sea combine with Yeşiilırmak. Length of 276 km long.

Introducing Tokat Province 5

Almus Dam:
The dam site, the town is located on the most fertile land. Right down to the valley, parts of the lava rock is composed of a homogenous massive and fine-grained andezidik. If this mass is generally andesites, firmly bedded to the upper parts, lava flows, breccias, and tuffs contain konglemera.
Almus Dam Lake water to keep the surface area of ​​3130 Ha has been started in October 1966. is.
~ ZİNAV LAKE: Resadiye district Yolüstü (Meğedüm) 3 km from the village. from a fresh water lake. There is a creek feeding the lake. Its surface is approximately 1.5. km ". is. Foot vacant Mansap'tan Kelkit river reaches. Have no place in Batak. The average depth is 10-15 m. varies between. Were being surrounded by forest. Rudd has called a very tasty fish.
~ GÜLLÜKÖY LAKE: Resadiye district known in the village of the same name. Is a large lake, the surface is 16.5 km. "Dir. Side streams are fed by waters from seepage waters and winter. The average depth of 7 m. dir. Juice is sweet.
In addition, Almus Dam Belpinar, Bozpınar, Bedirkale, Akbelen, Akınköy, Sulugöl, her husband, Aşagığüçlü, Ortaören, Boldacı, Üçyol, Kizik, Güzelbeyli, lakes and dams are Büğet.

Introducing Tokat Province 4

~ Niksar PLAIN: Fatlı part of the Kelkit River, Downstream direction, talazan bridge will continue until the throat, 8000 hectares wide.
~ ERBAA PLAIN: Tepekışla Kelkit river from the front of the castle, will continue up to the chin. 6500 hectares wide.
~ ARTOVA PLAIN: Günçalı village ¤¤¤¤¤, tow-headed water Camlibel bucağını throat, following a large plateau that continues to the front Sulusaray. 15,000 hectares wide.
~ Zile PLAIN: 2000 hectares of plain Maşat, 2000 acres on both sides of Igdir Plain and Yesilirmak arm of the Hotan River, 6000 acres with a total of 10,000 hectares of plains.
These plains of grain, sugar beets, tobacco, mainly all kinds of fruit, vegetables and sunflowers are grown.
Highlands in the province of Tokat, special protection areas within the boundaries of the forest is located within the State.
Some of these, Tokat, Topcam, Batmantaş, Muhat and smoky highlands, Reşadiye Seleman, Bozçalı and Kizilcaören highlands and plateaus of Niksar'da Çamiçi.

Introducing Tokat Province 3

Generally, rivers in the plains and plateaus where you open them, approached the Karedenize places in the form of parallel mountain ranges continue. Approach them from the east towards the mountains and heights to each other also increases. Altitude 188 m. than 2870 m. The mountains of varying heights up to;
Mammon (1779 m.), Yaylacik (1620 m.), Deveci (1892 m.), Bugalı (1945), Misty (2200 m), Camlibel (2020 m.), Akdag (1900 m)
Can be all kinds of fertile agricultural plains, scattered all over the province.
~ KAZOVA: Tokat, Pazar, between 20,000 ha and situated in the plains watered by Yeşilırmak.
~ Omala PLAIN: Gümenek regulator with the rest of the village of Omala, 3200 hectares of wetland area-wide.
~ TURHAL PLAIN: Pazar, and in the vicinity of Amasya Yeşilırmak by large folds in the direction of contraction, Dazya will continue until the creek in front of them. 4500 hectares wide.

Introducing Tokat Province 2

Tokat province was in 1923, Erbaa, Niksar, Resadiye, Zile connected districts, Tasova in 1943, 1944 and Turhal Artogne, in 1954, Almus, in 1987, the market and Yesilyurt, in 1990 and Başçıftlık Sulusaray kurulmuştur.Tokat districts connected to Tasova district, Amasya is connected in 1953.

Near the central town of our province, including 12 districts and 65 sub-districts according to the census conducted in 609 villages mevcuttur.2000 province's total population is 828,027, 113,100 of this population-third live in the central district.

Introducing Tokat Province 1

Tokat Haritası

The central county of Tokat province in the south high-cut, medium cut and grouped in three sections to be cut down in the north.
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