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11 Ocak 2013 Cuma

Introducing Tokat Province 4

~ Niksar PLAIN: Fatlı part of the Kelkit River, Downstream direction, talazan bridge will continue until the throat, 8000 hectares wide.
~ ERBAA PLAIN: Tepekışla Kelkit river from the front of the castle, will continue up to the chin. 6500 hectares wide.
~ ARTOVA PLAIN: Günçalı village ¤¤¤¤¤, tow-headed water Camlibel bucağını throat, following a large plateau that continues to the front Sulusaray. 15,000 hectares wide.
~ Zile PLAIN: 2000 hectares of plain Maşat, 2000 acres on both sides of Igdir Plain and Yesilirmak arm of the Hotan River, 6000 acres with a total of 10,000 hectares of plains.
These plains of grain, sugar beets, tobacco, mainly all kinds of fruit, vegetables and sunflowers are grown.
Highlands in the province of Tokat, special protection areas within the boundaries of the forest is located within the State.
Some of these, Tokat, Topcam, Batmantaş, Muhat and smoky highlands, Reşadiye Seleman, Bozçalı and Kizilcaören highlands and plateaus of Niksar'da Çamiçi.

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