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11 Ocak 2013 Cuma

Introducing Tokat Province 5

Almus Dam:
The dam site, the town is located on the most fertile land. Right down to the valley, parts of the lava rock is composed of a homogenous massive and fine-grained andezidik. If this mass is generally andesites, firmly bedded to the upper parts, lava flows, breccias, and tuffs contain konglemera.
Almus Dam Lake water to keep the surface area of ​​3130 Ha has been started in October 1966. is.
~ ZİNAV LAKE: Resadiye district Yolüstü (Meğedüm) 3 km from the village. from a fresh water lake. There is a creek feeding the lake. Its surface is approximately 1.5. km ". is. Foot vacant Mansap'tan Kelkit river reaches. Have no place in Batak. The average depth is 10-15 m. varies between. Were being surrounded by forest. Rudd has called a very tasty fish.
~ GÜLLÜKÖY LAKE: Resadiye district known in the village of the same name. Is a large lake, the surface is 16.5 km. "Dir. Side streams are fed by waters from seepage waters and winter. The average depth of 7 m. dir. Juice is sweet.
In addition, Almus Dam Belpinar, Bozpınar, Bedirkale, Akbelen, Akınköy, Sulugöl, her husband, Aşagığüçlü, Ortaören, Boldacı, Üçyol, Kizik, Güzelbeyli, lakes and dams are Büğet.

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