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11 Ocak 2013 Cuma

Introducing Tokat Province 6

Tokat province and territory Yesilirmak WATERING arms.
TOZANLI ARM: Köse Dag 2801 m. is situated at the western versanlarından. Karacan passing through the valleys between the mountains and Monopoly, 365 km from taking many side creeks. Almus Dam Lake of the income. Then, between the mountains 12 km from Renegade and Mammon. enters through the throat of Omala plain. Here Kazova'ya opens. Turhal'a Gümenek regulator takes many side-streams. (Such as Behzat creek.) Kazova'dan Turhal then enters the plains. Here is Gülüt and Hotan side creeks. After Turhal plains about 30 km. meters into a gorge. Plain of the province of Amasya Gendingen combines with the pull-lever. Length of 468 km. dir.
KELKİT ARM: Sipikör north of Erzincan, Pulur,

Otlukbelı, Sarhan and Balaban born in the mountains, small streams, is caused by the merger of the Kelkit around town. Tokat Yusuf Bey enters the bridge. Fatlı bridge northwest direction until the flow in a narrow valley, enters the plain of Niksar. Northwest continue to flow in accordance with, the plain north of the castle in her throat that traveled Erbaa valley, south of the village of Castle Yeşilırmakla join. Length of 373 kilometers through the straits of Samsun Province. dir.
Tow-ARM: born in the mountains of Camlibel Kizik, Dinar, shrub and Poplar Camlibel endless hills, brooks, born circa Finize is caused by the merger. Artova'da flows southwest direction. From the south, takes his arm around Musaköy Karadere. Sulusaray'dan from the steep slopes, a narrow strait in and, around here Gergümez, Gündelen, streams and combines with Akdagmadeni. Inflammation go north of the village, in front of Çellokışla River merges with Jesus, and then to the dam site Kaleboğazı Kazankaya income instead of the dam. Here the valley widens and opens Geldigen plain. Combines with the Cat Creek bridge around Bekdemir Çorum. Kayabasi Amasya area, reaching the Black Sea combine with Yeşiilırmak. Length of 276 km long.

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