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11 Ocak 2013 Cuma

Introducing Tokat Province 8

It is possible to see all the other plants and trees, citrus fruit, except in Tokat. Kozlu Erbaa district, around Osmanköy Meydandüzü and wild tea, Castle village near the forest Kazalapa Reşadiye civarıda Çatalan forests of Lebanon cedar and Erbaa Doğanyurt içeriside series (Vital) and Niksar Kümbetli (Herkümbet) and the remaining areas of wild olive trees in the center and at the same time, this dolaylarda pomegranates and figs grow in a natural way.
HIGHLAND Topçam and 1600-meter-high plateau is the center of the province of Tokat Topcam an extraordinary beauty with clean air, lush forests, highland homes sahiptir.Yazın guests warm hospitality of the people are satisfied.

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