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11 Ocak 2013 Cuma

Introducing Tokat Province 9

History, culture and natural wealth in yaylamızdır.1514 Caldiran expedition reached the highest level in one of the Sultan Selim, with the army and the Friday prayer at the village konaklamış kılmıştır.O this plateau to the present day, from spring until the first snow falls every Friday Selemen ' barter exchange in the market are still in the highland kurulmaktadır.Kurulan market of the region's cultural richness shows.
City center 28 km and a height of 1850 meters and lush pine forests and pristine mountain air is frequently Batmantaş Plateau and expects to serve ice cold water with a high plateau tourism.
Uzaklıktadır.Çevrenin 29 km from the center of the largest plateau in Tokat province. (1740 meters). Grass skiing suitable large rural area, surrounded by forests of pine and beech trees, with superb views of.
70 km from the city center. and 2578-meter-high plateau, away from the smoky image of colorful spring flowers, the joy of human life, especially around the times arttırmaktadır.Dumanlı Catak Plateau Plateau, including the chain has more than 40 plateau.

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